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Business to Consumer

For 30 years pally with the consumer

Lünstroth develops promotional campaigns to communicate defined messages. This can be new products or product ranges, tariffs, price changes or new business.

In line with the leitmotif “everything from one source”, the campaigns are media-neutral: the measures are designed to optimize price / performance ratios. So you answer the question: how can I convey a message with maximum impact to a defined target group at the lowest possible cost?

In the example, a daily newspaper campaign for Volksbank Lippstadt is shown. The occasion is the reopening of the headquarters, an impressive new building which conveys the openness and transparency of the Volksbank.

The current event is embedded in a whole bunch of Volksbank advantages, which reach the target groups in wide-ranging daily newspaper advertisements.

B to C

Business to Consumer




Lünstroth covers all areas of the Customer Journey:

  1. Touch point analysis
  2. Communication concept including overlapping, perceptive creative idea
  3. Media strategy online and offline, networked and building upon the Customer Journey
  4. Implementation of measures, tailored to the respective target media
  5. Response mechanisms for the involvement of existing users and potential new users
  6. Response analysis for advertising control
  7. Readjustment to optimize the target group appeal and the response