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Brand Analysis

Brand Analysis

Lünstroth examines companies and corporate brands, their perception and effect in the competitive environment by scientific methods, but with pragmatically optimized relevance for modifications.

The development of a brand strategy should precede a brand analysis. Even in the case of newly developed single-brands (which may still have formed no brand image), an analysis of the competition and market environment is useful in order to secure the further course of action.

The ascertainment of brand values is not only a routine market research task for Lünstroth, but an analytical tool specifically adapted to each product and brand environment. For two decades, the model of brand personality (Aaker, Keller et al) has prevailed as an instrument to determine the brand dimensions.

Certainly, the survey tools must be adapted not only to product and use characteristics, but also to the respective regional characteristics.

In the Anglo-Saxon literature, the US-American model is generally used as a starting model. Brand recognition in Europe and Asia differs from the American approach due to cultural reasons.

Lünstroth has therefore made appropriate adjustments for different regions. (Also worldwide variants, which however can only be converted to equally “rough” brand grid due to the inevitably “rough” reduction to global similarities in the brand perception.)

Lünstroth surveys the brand dimensions not only with the classical market research tools, but also with specially developed web tools, which show correlations between brands and the respective mention of key terms and can also highlight the digital distribution of brand dimensions.

Branding & Communication: strategy and execution

Luenstroth is a strategic Ad Agency.

Lünstroth operates as a 360 ° full-service agency, but also offers the decisive advantage of thorough thinking in the area of strategy. The agency not only promotes advertising and sales promotion, but also optimizes corporate images, product portfolios and external perception as a whole. The agency develops brand and product name systems and implements the strategy efficiently in concrete measures.

Lünstroth is committed to value chains and maximizing sales and focuses on the value of products and services by premium quality and convincing communication.

The agency thinks internationally, as even medium-sized companies operate in export markets with different cultures and other conditions of competition and trademark laws.

Decisive for a sustained increase in value on markets is the allocation of brand names and performance promises – depending on the brand architecture either overlapping for umbrella brands and branded houses or for the respective sub-brands.

In order to be able to compete with Asian Metoo players without having to break the price-performance promise of the umbrella brand, Lünstroth is developing 2nd brand strategies.

In addition to the revaluation of the corporate brand, Lünstroth is keeping an eye on the strengths of the company’s reputation. Because brands are managed by people – the stronger the manager brand is in a leading position, the more powerful is the impact of corporate brands in public space.

The Lünstroth services cover all areas where “soft” brand values become hard figures: brand strength guarantees the return on invest.


Business to Consumer

Anyone who wants to address the consumer efficiently must be able to think emotionally. Emotions are the fuel that pushes brands forward. Lünstroth has been developing advertising for more than 20 years, which not only sells but pays to the brand. Consumer insights are indispensable, but the combination of the entire perception chain on all touchpoints creates the lasting effect.

As an all-in-one-hand agency, Lünstroth offers the consistent and consistent concept from strategy to emotionally compelling advertising.


Business to Business

Networked communication is part of the brand DNA for Lünstroth: Successful marketing strategies include not only the sell-out and the necessary advertising measures, but also the sales and the conviction of sales agents.

Lünstroth therefore develops coordinated measures that include all the touchpoints of the company’s brand and its products and / or product brands.



Design is part of every emotional approach, completely independent of the respective target group – consumers or business decision-makers react positively to the better design solution.

Lünstroth as a holistic agency offers product and brand design solutions – always state-of-the-art and optimized for the respective application.



The fast-growing possibilities in marketing are not any longer just possibilities, but necessities in the BtoB sector. Competitors are present on Youtube, Facebook, Xing and Linkedin and they don’t have only recruiting in mind.

The introduction of new technologies and innovative products is no longer just taking place at the leading trade fair, but increasingly on a wide scale of channels.

Many companies are taking advantage of these opportunities, but their commitment to corporate brands, their positioning and their image ambitions is important.

For many years, Lünstroth has been offering seminars and workshops that raise awareness among employees on corporate communications, corporate branding and corporate design, as well as providing them with a common thread.

Not only the marketing department should be fit in the savvy use of the opportunities, but brand ambassadors will strengthen the company’s success.


Latest work: Cobiax Brand Relaunch

Digital Engines

The youngest division of Luenstroth is econgy (yes: economic energy). econgy builds digital engines for publishers. Find these engines here.

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