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Brand Relaunch: Case Study Cobiax

Brand Identity Relaunch

Case Study Cobiax

New Positioning

Development of new slogan

The old slogan “Cobiax. Lightweigth hollow slabs. ” only focuses on direct product benefits, which primarily addresses a single target group: The structural engineer, which rarely causes the final decision for a construction.

old slogan

For non-insiders, lightness in buildings is not an obvious advantage (as opposed to aircraft, for example); The layman usually assumes that buildings are safer / “massive” the heavier they are.

In addition to reducing the weight of the blanket, the Cobiax technology offers another advantage: It allows larger spans of the ceilings with the same ceiling weight; i.e. there are fewer “pillars” to be planned in the building.

new slogan

This aspect is interesting for the target groups of decision makers like architects, builders and construction companies.

New slogan

Leaded by this new positioning, Lünstroth develops a slogan that promises exactly this overall benefit: “Cobiax. wide spaces “

New Logo

new logo
since 2019: optimized logo

Logo slimmed down

old logo
used until 2018: old logo



The logo used so far is quickly recognizable and easy to read. It does not, however, express the primary benefits of Cobiax technology: weight reduction and more elegant construction. Lünstroth has therefore developed a new logo, which however takes on an unique feature of the previously used logo to ensure a strong recognition – the typical extension of the X.

Cross-cultural brand design

Dual Logo for Branding
Asia: Logo on top
Western: Logo at the bottom

Dual Logo: fits eastern and western branding cultures

For the means of communication Lünstroth develops a multinational use of the logo and brand typology. While the corporate logo in Asia is traditionally expected to be in the upper reaches of the communications media, the classic visual placement of the logo in Western countries has been learned at the bottom.

These internationally different logo placements are combined by the Lünstroth brand agency and develop a visual brand management with two possible logo placements, which can also be combined. The dual logo placement supports a quick build of confidence in the brand, since it is quickly gaining prominence, especially in “new” target groups, thanks to the two-fold view of the logo in different designs (positive to white and negative to Cobiax blue).

Reinforcement of brand value „security“

Strengthens the brand value “security”: Image-Video

Every new, revolutionary technology meets with skepticism: Why deviate from the proven? Is the new technology so much better? In case of Cobiax hollow core technologies, the key question is: Is the technology as safe as a solid ceiling? Lünstroth counteracts this skepticism by pointing out that hollow body technology has evolved over billions of years and has proven itself millions of times over, even in nature. Hollow bodies are an organic, superior principle.

Cobiax has not reinvented this principle, but perfected it for the development of modern construction methods. This gives the brand a historic home and users can be sure to rely on proven technology. For the sake of profitability, stability and sustainability.

Multinational new website

Cobiax strengthens the international presence of the brand and the high availability of Cobiax product lines worldwide. The website – developed and programmed by Color & Code – impresses with its integrated amp programming for the desktop as well.

Even elaborate explanatory animations and film sequences load without latency – all content is available at lightning speed internationally. The brand design has been consistently implemented.