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Lünstroth as Advertising Agency

How does Lünstroth work as an advertising agency?

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Whether Lünstroth as an advertising agency is the right partner, you only can guess, of course, after an introductory conversation.

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Customer Journey

Before the Customer Journey begins,
the Product Journey must be perfectly planned.

Push & Pull

Lünstroth is not just a pull, but also a push advertising agency. Concepts do not start with the sale, but much earlier.

The best demand is meaningless, if the shelf placement in food retailers is not right, the tires are not in stock or the online shop has just an urgent out-of-stock problem.

Arouse desire

How often do we already have heard the important word “advertising must sell”. There’s a lot of truth in it. However: If advertising could sell, it would be sales. The sales promotion and the seller are responsible for direct sales. But also here Lünstroth is versed, because it is a one-stop agency: everything from a single source.

But when it comes to the pull side of the Journey, Lünstroth defined the object of the advertising classic: arouse desire – on the product and on the brand.

The customer knows what he wants. But he doesn’t know why.

In BtoB the customer is emotionally controlled to 90% in the BtoC to 45%. This firstly has to do with decision-making structures: Skilled buyers know their stuff and opt therefore product-related.

However, decision-makers must rely on the brand; they are rarely so deeply involved. In this case – apart from product-independent considerations, e.g. in the logistical or political sphere – the brand’s power: BtoB is also highly emotional.

In addition to the argumentative power of the production-oriented facts, Lünstroth also places great emphasis on the decisive emotional power of the brand in the BtoB area: everything from a single source.



Visitor numbers, impressive heat maps or the conversion rate are not enough to plan and optimize. The interaction of different measures – often in conjunction with offline activities – is crucial.

The online possibilities are complex enough to be able to write whole essays for each individual measure. Faced with this abundance of set screws, medium-sized businesses are then limiting themselves to optimizing the websites or their online stores and place traditional Adwords campaigns. (Adwords are still interesting for short-term sales in some cases, but medium and long term, the optimization of organic measures is preferable.)

Lünstroth takes the typical holistic approach: content is king. At the end of the day the credibility ensures long-term customer loyalty, so that the credibility and thus the emotional commitment to customers is the focus of the considerations.



Lünstroth is familiar with the classic consumer approach in the local environment. When it comes to tackling topics that are talked about locally and regionally, nothing goes beyond classic agency performance: creative, consumer-friendly and striking.

Despite all the advances in new media, this form of advertising is unimaginable as long as business is based on personal proximity, trustworthy consultancy and the regional character of the region.

In the example, a regional, heterogeneous target group was in demand: clients of the Volksbank Lippstadt. This target group has a high proportion of seniors, which can be achieved with digital media only badly. But almost everyone has subscribed to the local daily newspaper. As a result, Lünstroth is developing a day-to-day campaign, which not only presents the new headquarters of the Volksbank but also points to the advantages of banking with the Volksbank.

Digital Transformation

Everything changes rapidly. The fast ones are eating the big.
Faster than you think. The biggest jumps do not make the production,
but marketing and sales.
Anyone who still sees the fair as a meeting place is perhaps among the great. But certainly not of the fastest.

Let’s talk about it.

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