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Brand Relaunch: Case Study Cobiax

Brand Identity Relaunch

Case Study Cobiax

New Positioning

Development of new slogan

The old slogan “Cobiax. Lightweigth hollow slabs. ” only focuses on direct product benefits, which primarily addresses a single target group: The structural engineer, which rarely causes the final decision for a construction.

old slogan

For non-insiders, lightness in buildings is not an obvious advantage (as opposed to aircraft, for example); The layman usually assumes that buildings are safer / “massive” the heavier they are.

In addition to reducing the weight of the blanket, the Cobiax technology offers another advantage: It allows larger spans of the ceilings with the same ceiling weight; i.e. there are fewer “pillars” to be planned in the building.

new slogan

This aspect is interesting for the target groups of decision makers like architects, builders and construction companies.

New slogan

Leaded by this new positioning, Lünstroth develops a slogan that promises exactly this overall benefit: “Cobiax. wide spaces “

New Logo

new logo
since 2019: optimized logo

Logo slimmed down

old logo
used until 2018: old logo



The logo used so far is quickly recognizable and easy to read. It does not, however, express the primary benefits of Cobiax technology: weight reduction and more elegant construction. Lünstroth has therefore developed a new logo, which however takes on an unique feature of the previously used logo to ensure a strong recognition – the typical extension of the X.

Cross-cultural brand design

Dual Logo for Branding
Asia: Logo on top
Western: Logo at the bottom

Dual Logo: fits eastern and western branding cultures

For the means of communication Lünstroth develops a multinational use of the logo and brand typology. While the corporate logo in Asia is traditionally expected to be in the upper reaches of the communications media, the classic visual placement of the logo in Western countries has been learned at the bottom.

These internationally different logo placements are combined by the Lünstroth brand agency and develop a visual brand management with two possible logo placements, which can also be combined. The dual logo placement supports a quick build of confidence in the brand, since it is quickly gaining prominence, especially in “new” target groups, thanks to the two-fold view of the logo in different designs (positive to white and negative to Cobiax blue).

Reinforcement of brand value „security“

Strengthens the brand value “security”: Image-Video

Every new, revolutionary technology meets with skepticism: Why deviate from the proven? Is the new technology so much better? In case of Cobiax hollow core technologies, the key question is: Is the technology as safe as a solid ceiling? Lünstroth counteracts this skepticism by pointing out that hollow body technology has evolved over billions of years and has proven itself millions of times over, even in nature. Hollow bodies are an organic, superior principle.

Cobiax has not reinvented this principle, but perfected it for the development of modern construction methods. This gives the brand a historic home and users can be sure to rely on proven technology. For the sake of profitability, stability and sustainability.

Multinational new website

Cobiax strengthens the international presence of the brand and the high availability of Cobiax product lines worldwide. The website – developed and programmed by Color & Code – impresses with its integrated amp programming for the desktop as well.

Even elaborate explanatory animations and film sequences load without latency – all content is available at lightning speed internationally. The brand design has been consistently implemented.

Brand Consultant about the brand trump

How Trump is massacring his brand.

Trump: the brand

There’s this reasoned theory that Trump just wanted to use the election campaign as a marketing tool. It worked out really well. A national (US-) brand went international; the mere-exposure effect is tremendous: If only 15% of the world’s population (about 1 billion people) followed the media coverage just 30 minutes per week during the yearlong campaign, the advertising value would be not less than 3 billion euro (assumed international CPM of $ 10 as average of TV and radio).
That’s the quantity point of view of marketing relevance; the quality (associations of Trump brand) is more difficult to grasp. However, the polarization is irrefutably. A plain analysis shows positive aspects outweighing the negative ones as compared to international standards (just like the election result).

But only if the initial contact with the stimulus was neutral mere-exposure-effects have a positive impact. Only with a non-negative first contact people tend to develop a preference for this stimulus. If the initial contact is negative, the aversion amplifies with every repetition. That’s the reason for the extreme polarization of the Trump brand association.

What’s about the brand value?

Donald Trump contends that his net worth is in excess of $10 billion and his brand value amounts to $3.3 billion. FORBES estimates his net worth in December 2016 to be $3.7 billion and the the brand value in June 2015 (before the presidential campaign) at $125 million.

voters ≠ target group

Before the candidacy the Trump brand tend to be associated with success and luxury. (This luxury was golden and vulgar, but it seems to appeal to parts of the “elite”.)
During the campaign Trump himself was the slightly elite „angry white guy“, whose voters were „a bit older, less educated and earn less than the average Republican”.
So the Trump brand reflects the target group and reduces the brand greediness as identifying goal in the luxury sector.
The initial target group boycotts the brand, because the „old“ brand image was not compatible with its own testimonial positioning.

The reason for misjudgment?

Love is blind“ – related to Trump this might be a symptom of extreme narcissism, so he can’t assess his behavior in relation to brand appeal.
This in turn implies that the advertising value is not only causally determined with the brand awareness, but also responsible for plummeting brand values.
The hotel accommodation bookings are plummeting. According to BOSTON GLOBE they are decreasing by 30%. So, too, were the sales of apartments at Trump condos, according to CURBED. From October 2014 to October 2015 159 apartments were sold while the number of sales fell to 117 between November 2015 to October 2016. That’s a 26% decrease.
Because of his high media presence and the repeated contacts with his person, he amplifies the aversion of more sophisticated target groups against himself and his brand.
Possibly his narcissistic procedures show up in the Dunning-Kruger effect: Trump is so incompetent, that he fails to recognize his own incompetence and thinks in opposite he is more competent than anyone else.
His public appearance should convince his voters of his perception disorder (“the best”), as a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy.

Trump the brand

In a study BRAND KEYS tracked Trumps brand added value at different specific moments in time; in April 2016, after his official nomination in July 2016, after the release of the Tape Scandal in October 2016 and after his election in November 2016.

Despite the fact that the „Hollywood Tape” affected the Trump brand negatively, BRAND KEYS considers “that adding the Trump name increased the perceived value of products or services anywhere from 20% to 37%” (The percentage is related to the added value of the branded product or service in relation to a generic no name.) The brand added values decreases – in spite of the speculations – in the luxurious sector.
But: The study only refers to the USA. The brand awareness has gone up but by now there are no studies about the international awareness. It’s quite possible that this awareness could be capitalized globally within Trump affine target groups.
If Trump really is the ingenious business guy, as he sees himself, one can be curious about his coming actions. The international growth of the brand equity allows actually just one strategy – to use the brand internationally, in other words to expand worldwide businesswise for satisfying the demand. Not in the luxury sector, but in medium areas. These are big enough around the globe and 3 billions have been “spent” already.

Brand Development

Brand Development


Lünstroth develops brands, trademarks and naming systems for more than 20 years.

For more than 20 years, Lünstroth has been developing Namings, company and product brands. The extensive knowledge of international brand law, the understanding of the brand’s positive association, and the optimal fit in the existing brand architecture of a company are of great advantage.

Good brand development is more important than ever before. In contrast to product names from numbers and character sequences, which are often found in the automotive and supplier sector, product names with an emotional touch can significantly improve the competitive position.

Lünstroth develops brand names that fit into the brand architecture and either develop their own brand power or logically subordinate the umbrella brand as a purely technical description.

In addition, Lünstroth has further developed technology brands, so the corresponding product ranges stand out clearly from the competition. Furthermore, international trademark protection prevents brand piracy.

The design of the logo is initially irrelevant for the protection of the (stronger) word mark. However, the word style is relevant here.

In order to make it easier for decision-makers to choose between different alternatives, it may be useful to design the market candidates at an early stage.


Trademarks & Private Labels

The agency also develops home brands and complex private-label worlds for retailers. Lünstroth is not limited to the simple development of the brand, but rather the rational and emotional world around the brand and its promise.

The development of brand names is particularly important when the brand is not placed in the lower price segment, but in the middle price segment and above all in the premium price segment. It is precisely in this area that it is difficult for trademarks to stand up against the classic brands.

Lünstroth develops brand worlds, which stay in competition with “classic” brands and are strong enough to face them.

Brand Consultancy



Brand Consulting