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B2B: If That is Your Sector, You know how to appreciate Quality.

Having the better product is soothing. But if the competitor can be produced cost-effectively in Asia, it is time to make the quality of the communication visible and tangible.

For this reason, there is Lünstroth.

Lünstroth finds the rational and emotional adjustment of the quality-oriented company and thus supports the worldwide distribution of the products. The Lünstroth promise is also valid here: everything from one source.

The agency develops a common thread of communication that makes quality visible at first sight.

Business to business is still understood by many companies as compulsory communication: it is just that the distribution needs documentation and the relevant trade press as a small consideration for editorial reports expects some ads. (This is not meant to be evil, dear trade press, we all have to live.)

Other companies know where the added value starts: brand value.

Lünstroth understands B-to-B communication as an advertising sub-discipline with much higher requirements than for consumer communication.
It is, on the other hand, perhaps less glamorous than broad consumer campaigns, is also perceived less by the relevant industry press, but on the other hand it is also more honest and substantially more true: it serves the communication of quality products and services.

In addition, in a substantial sub-area, it affects target groups who are well-versed: the professional buyers and the people in authority.

This target group can not be fooled – they are also human beings, but also professionals. Hard facts count well and are relevant to the purchasing recommendation.

When an advertising agency leaves the level of pure shi-shi and strives for convincing arguments in the field, it is a rare species. It is then an advertising agency, which deals with the products and services of its clients (and can deal competently) and thus separates itself from other advertising agencies.

Lünstroth is proud to be one of these advertising agencies.