Corporate Branding is – in opposite to narrow positionings of product brands – a complex task for agencies. It is to complex for design studios, because content and brand values play a crucial role within the branding process.

Luenstroth Brand Agency is prepared: Not only designers are involved in the process but also humanties scholars.

Brand Building:

Bundesliga: Building a Club Brand Background Soccer Clubs have four sources of income: TV-Money Ticketing Merchandizing Sponsoring Source of money out of ticketing and merchandizing are so called fans, admiring…

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Brand Relaunch for Construction Brand

Brand Relaunch: Construction New Positioning The old slogan "Cobiax. Lightweigth hollow slabs. " only focuses on direct product benefits, which primarily addresses a single target group: The structural engineer, which…

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Brand Philosophy

Corporate Mission and Purpose Branding The philosophy of a brand is only a little bit wider than the brand core. It's the guideline for corporate behavior and strategic decisions of…

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Brand Consultancy

Brand Consulting Brand consulting is a classic focus of Lünstroth. In contrast to traditional business consultancies, Lünstroth considers itself a competent sparring partner with contentual, creative and legal know-how -…

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