What makes an agency a brand agency?

Luenstroth is an independent brand agency with German bases. Founded in 1994 the agency offers consulting and creative services for national and international clients and for national or worldwide markets. The range includes brand design (for companies and marks), package design and campaigning online and offline.

The agency is brand driven and stands for long lasting sucess of their clients.

Every brand agency is sort of an advertising agency – but the results are just better. With a view on longlasting positive effects on brand and image the creativity of Luenstroth brand agency concentrates on both: Great impact on first view, brand building deepness on the second.


A big Thank You for all the clients trusting us and our competences in the fields of brand building, branding and communication. We are proud.

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Flying Train | Air Train Germany 1902 4k

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Ud1aZFE0fU Astonishing: An "air flight" in Germany in 1902 - colorized and in 4k resolution While today we are nearly eight billion human beings on earth, in 1902 the world…

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Planning the media channels

Planning the most effective channels: The brand agency follows the customers journey - online and offline. Then: a content and cost driven decision

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Lünstroth uses to work in a strategic manner: A well thought concept immunizises against activities of competitors.

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USP: golden threat about the Luenstroth Brand Agency A lot of stories could be told about the agency. About Christmas celebrations or the amazing ideas of interns. Over nightly overtime…

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Experience? The brand agency is familiar with some sectors for decades and has not only accompanied the developments in the marketing sector, but also actively helped many of them. Industry…

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Give us a Call Contact Berlin Lünstroth GmbH 39 Straßmannstraße 10249 Berlin Tel +49 151 11 62 45 26 contact@luenstroth.com Bielefeld Lünstroth GmbH 18 Friedrichstraße 33615 Bielefeld Tel +49 521…

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People at Lünstroth

People at Lünstroth use to work for defined goals in a very creative way. They are open for digital progress but have the wide range of brand work as an art in mind.

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