What makes an agency a brand agency?

Luenstroth is an independent brand agency with German bases. Founded in 1994 the agency offers consulting and creative services for national and international clients and for national or worldwide markets. The range includes brand design (for companies and marks), package design and campaigning online and offline.

The agency is brand driven and stands for long lasting sucess of their clients.

Every brand agency is sort of an advertising agency – but the results are just better. With a view on longlasting positive effects on brand and image the creativity of Luenstroth brand agency concentrates on both: Great impact on first view, brand building deepness on the second.


Whereever you want us to be We are homeless and we are grateful. We don't believe in local business. We have standing offices in two cities. But in daily business…

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Fields of competence

Areas we can do our best in Core Values Brand DNA, Purpose, Mission 100% We develop strategic solutions for the brand, enforce the understanding of brands and their functionality and…

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Lünstroth: the agency First of all: What is this "ü" in the logo? https://youtu.be/B06gGVL8DZY The "ü" is a German letter, called umlaut-letter. It sounds like the french spoken "u". If…

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Branding & Communication: strategy and execution

Brand Agency: What it separates from an advertising agency. Stronger Brands. Sustainable Success. Holistic Approach Lünstroth operates as a 360 ° full-service agency, but also offers the decisive advantage of…

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Thank you! Albatros Albatros is a private label of an international wholesaler in Germany. The company sells safety shoes and beside branded ranges like Puma they need a private label…

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