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A brand agency should have a strong focus on brand consulting. So does Luenstroth – from analysis and strategy to creation Luenstroth Consultants integrate experience and best practise from different markets worldwide in their consulting competence.

Optimization of brands and a better employer branding are key competences of Luenstroth Brand Agency.

Experiences with international markets and companies with different positionings strengthen the know how of Luenstroth creatives and consultants.

Purpose Branding: Brand Philosophy

Purpose Branding: The ethical base of an enterprise is a strong motivational asset but it's also serving as guarding principle of daily decisions. Lünstroth develops those motivational corporate philosophies.

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Brand Strategy

Strategy Our work is based on the latest scientific models in the strategic area. Certainly the Lünstroth business consultants have been able to refine and specify the methods for the…

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How Trump is massacring his brand.
Google search Dec. 2016: "Trump" & attribute

How Trump is massacring his brand.

Trump: the brand There’s this reasoned theory that Trump just wanted to use the election campaign as a marketing tool. It worked out really well. A national (US-) brand went…

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Brand Development

Development of Brands and Trademarks Lünstroth develops brands, trademarks and naming systems for more than 20 years. For more than 20 years, Lünstroth has been developing Namings, company and product…

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Brand Analysis

Analysis of Brand and Reputation Lünstroth examines companies and corporate brands, their perception and effect in the competitive environment by scientific methods, but with pragmatically optimized relevance for modifications.The development…

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Also a Brand Consultancy

Lünstroth is also an advising branding agency. Looking at insights and calculating possibilites and risks the agency uses to give best advise for best brands.

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