Design as brand advantage

Design in the strength of Luenstroth Brand Agency. The agency does not stop at analysis or strategy but develops the final solutions for going public.

Website for a law firm

Websites for law firms and medical offices The days when lawyers and doctors only needed a business card are gone. A meaningful marketing does not lead to a higher utilization,…

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Private Label: optimized

Private Label: optimized If a private label looks like a private label, it has already lost in many cases. It will always have to keep a large price gap to…

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Webdesign for IT-Consultants

Website-Developments: IT-Consultants The brand agency is developing a website relaunch for DDS Consulting. The consulting firm has particular strengths in the project management area, but also in software development and…

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VideoClips for Web and Social Media Videos: Concept & Production It's a big challenge to produce videos for a narrow target group (BtoB) in high quality and at low costs. In the past Luenstroth developed…

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Design: Brand, Corporate, Package, Web

Design Design: Brand, Corporate, Package, Web, Video Lünstroth develops design solutions as a functional component: the design has to tell the story. The fact that it has to look good…

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