Development of Brands
and Trademarks

Lünstroth develops brands, trademarks and naming systems for more than 20 years.

For more than 20 years, Lünstroth has been developing Namings, company and product brands. The extensive knowledge of international brand law, the understanding of the brand’s positive association, and the optimal fit in the existing brand architecture of a company are of great advantage.

Good brand development is more important than ever before. In contrast to product names from numbers and character sequences, which are often found in the automotive and supplier sector, product names with an emotional touch can significantly improve the competitive position.


Lünstroth develops brand names that fit into the brand architecture and either develop their own brand power or logically subordinate the umbrella brand as a purely technical description.

In addition, Lünstroth has further developed technology brands, so the corresponding product ranges stand out clearly from the competition. Furthermore, international trademark protection prevents brand piracy.

The design of the logo is initially irrelevant for the protection of the (stronger) word mark. However, the word style is relevant here.

In order to make it easier for decision-makers to choose between different alternatives, it may be useful to design the market candidates at an early stage.

Trademarks and Private Labels

The agency also develops home brands and complex private-label worlds for retailers. Lünstroth is not limited to the simple development of the brand, but rather the rational and emotional world around the brand and its promise. The development of brand names is particularly important when the brand is not placed in the lower price segment, but in the middle price segment and above all in the premium price segment.

It is precisely in this area that it is difficult for trademarks to stand up against the classic brands.

Lünstroth develops brand worlds, which stay in competition with “classic” brands and are strong enough to face them.

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