Corporate Mission and Purpose Branding

Set Employees on Fire

The philosophy of a brand is only a little bit wider than the brand core. It’s the guideline for corporate behavior and strategic decisions of the company.

At Luenstroth philosophies are being discussed with the board of directors, in some cases with the shareholders. 

Head of development is Peter Lünstroth himself – at present he is the only certified philosopher at Luenstroth.

Often definition of corporate philosophy gets necessary while discussing questions of corporate social responsibility but the range of questions regarding philosophy is bigger.
Is the company market or brand driven?
Is it client or quality oriented?
These fundamental questions lead directly to questions of common philosophy of the company and should be answered on the highest possible level of hierarchy.
They can not be delegated to marketing or communication staff.

Luenstroth has a look on the past of the company, the successes and decisions which have been made and make proposals for a common philosophy, develops variations and discusses the possibilities until the consultancy fixes the final version as base for further developments.