Lünstroth Branding Agency is also an advising one.

Brand Consulting

Brand consulting is a classic focus of Lünstroth. In contrast to traditional business consultancies, Lünstroth considers itself a competent sparring partner with contentual, creative and legal know-how – all aspects of the brand possibilities can be taken into account in the strategic field.

Brands are, on the one hand, economically relevant assets and, on the other hand, cultural goods whose value – beyond the brand contribution per sold product within the scope of their social and company-defining importance (employer branding, social reputation) – cannot be rated to high.

Lünstroth covers wide specific fields within the brand consulting:

Brand development (e.g. for product brands, technology brands, naming systems for the product portfolio or also for acquired or subcontractors or joint ventures)

Brand architecture (e.g., for a grown corporate network or a reorientation in the context of changed market environments)

Internal branding (e.g. as a result of takeovers or to strengthen the role of employees as brand ambassadors)

Workshops (in all areas of corporate self-image both internally and externally and the brand- and market-driven communication)

Brand management (e.g. in the area of corporate and brand design)

The support performance can be accessed flexibly:

Project-related, if a limited strategic decision is to be made and this decision is to be secured by external expertise, formally and legally.

Within the framework of a medium- and long-term oriented support (“flat rate”), which permanently guarantees high-quality communication both internally and externally and the achievement of the image goals.

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