Is brand design the same as corporate design?

Yes, if the brand is a corporate brand. No, if the brand is a product, range or technology brand. As brand agency Luenstroth analyzes the brand systems and give the right functionality to each asset.

Package Design: FMCG

Food: Branding and Package Design Since its inception, the agency has had a strong relationship with the food retailing industry - founders and creative directors have been working for brand…

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Private Label: optimized

Private Label: optimized If a private label looks like a private label, it has already lost in many cases. It will always have to keep a large price gap to…

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Design: Brand, Corporate, Package, Web

Design Design: Brand, Corporate, Package, Web, Video Lünstroth develops design solutions as a functional component: the design has to tell the story. The fact that it has to look good…

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