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Founder and CEO

Peter Lünstroth M.A. is responsible for Strategy and Consulting. He started his career at the Sender Freies Berlin and then worked as a creative director in various established advertising agencies.

As Creative Director he was responsible for brands such as ApollinarisSchweppes, Casio, Dr. Oetker, Homann, Langnese, MelittaMentos, Pioneer, Procter & Gamble, S.Oliver, Whirlpool and others.
He has many years of experience in the composition, structuring and development of complex brands and market systems. Besides his work as head of the agency Lünstroth is also a referant at the Federal Patent Court, author, lecturer of FHM and welcome keynote speaker on brand topics.



The teams at Lünstroth are put together according to the tasks and areas of competence.

In the executive sector, there are rather apprenticeship positions (Lünstroth trains marketing business and media design).

The strategic area, on the other hand, is academic. Due to the frequently complex tasks, specialists from various disciplines are represented, from sociologists to linguists, to businessinformatics, and to those with a marketing focus.

The hierarchies are flat and the fluctuation is low.