Lünstroth: the agency

First of all: What is this "ü" in the logo?

The “ü” is a German letter, called umlaut-letter. It sounds like the french spoken “u”.

If you can’t pronouce it: Doesn’t matter. Take it as an u then. We will understand you. The rest of the name (Lunstroth) is still complecated enough. (The “h” at the end isn’t to be heard. So, something like “lunstrot” will do.)

The Past


Peter Lünstroth founded the strategic marketing consultancy Lünstroth Projections in 1994. After a short time, the advertising agency planetweco developed, because more and more customers wanted the strategic consulting as well as the execution from a single source . (The name creation “planetweco” refers to the advertising agency’s location at that time – the company has its headquarter in a building of a bicycle parts factory named “weco”. One of the copywriters said after a long night in view of the somewhat worn-out furniture from the fifties of the last century: “Actually we’re a completely different planet here.” That was probably true so the agency was called planetweco for the next 20 years.)


In 2006 the agency was restructured. Many advertising agencies launched their own special competencies on the market. The term “advertising agency” no longer included strategic consulting, but primarily the implementation of singular communication targets in various technical channels. That is why Lünstroth Brand Consulting was outsourced and pointed out the particular special competence of the company in holistic consulting.


Annual Design was founded as a special agency for annual reports, which in turn combines the execution know-how with the comprehensive know-how in company positioning.



In 2010, Lünstroth Corporate Identity, an agency for CI optimizations, was created, which places the desired target image of the company at the center of all developments. In contrast to corporate design agencies, Lünstroth Corporate Identity is not only design-oriented but also content-oriented.

By now: Umbrella Brand

In the meantime, the areas are once more closely interlinked: Lünstroth has become an umbrella brand. Because in daily practice the various area work together so closely that separation further maintained would synthetically. In addition, the technologies have moved closer together; also annual reports are increasingly published online and the moving image is an issue for corporate identity and corporate design as well. Immersion is becoming more and more a brand issue.

For the clients, new opportunities arise from the closer structure of the Lünstroth specialists.

Benefits for SMEs

For medium-sized companies, the holistic support with a long-term perspective is the Lünstroth-USP.
Thus, there is only one contact for all areas of marketing and communication, including the digital channels, and the public image of the company bears the same concerted handwriting as the product advertising.

Benefits for corporations

For larger corporations has the cooperation with Lünstroth the certainty that the advice on brand- and namingsystems and other strategic issues always take into account the subsequent implementation.

Thus, in a time of increasing channel and target group segmentation, the golden thread of communication is ensured – already in the conceptual area.t Here

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