USP: golden threat

about the Luenstroth Brand Agency

A lot of stories could be told about the agency. About Christmas celebrations or the amazing ideas of interns. Over nightly overtime sessions or the absurd behavior of earlier Mac computers.

About successes that are attributable to the agency and about failures, which are, of course, due to unforeseeable market changes or personnel changes on the client’s side.

Even today there are stories to tell. But we would rather tell them personally.
Even better: we create new things together that will make history.


Advertising: Adaption work

Lünstroth also does adption work. Here is an example for adapting an international campaign for Forbo, worlds market…

Package Design: FMCG

Fast mobing consumer goods: In FMCG Sectors the branding agency has a long tradition and even more experience…

Private Label: optimized

Private labels should not look like private labels. Instead Lünstroth takes private labes as serious as "real" brands…

Webdesign for IT-Consultants

How to build a website for it-specialists knowing the deepest secrets of software and programming themselves? The branding…

Employer Branding: HR-Spot

Yes, Lünstroth does not only conceptional work but also executes productions like videos or campaigns. Here is an…