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Workshops are an integral part of the Lünstroth service offer. They have two main focuses:

They serve the development of new strategies and strategic objectives. Then there are workshops on the management level, for example to develop a new positioning, to find a new brand architecture or to coordinate corporate branding issues.

They make the employees ready for the implementation of the adopted guidelines in branding and corporate identity / corporate design.

Strategy workshops are always coordinated with the respective situation of the company. The contents are therefore as different as the results. Employee workshops usually contain overlapping content, which in turn is adapted to the specific positioning of the company.

The general contents of these workshops for employees are briefly outlined below. 

Workshop Corporate Identity

Workshop Corporate Branding

Corporate Branding and Corporate Identity

In the dealings with employees of large companies, the equality of corporate branding, corporate identity and corporate design is always reflected.

This workshop clarifies the references from corporate identity to corporate design and the company’s self-image and shows the differences between formal corporate design, a lively corporate identity and the goal projection, corporate branding as an essential driver instrument of entrepreneurial success.

Where does corporate identity and corporate design begin? What do the logo and claim say about corporate identity and what is their relationship to corporate branding? What about external target groups? What does this mean for social media and exhibition appearances?

Workshop Corporate Design

Workshop Corporate Design

Corporate Design 4.0

The use of corporate design guidelines in classic areas (print) is easy for employees.

The new communication channels now offer multisensory possibilities, which some companies are still insufficiently prepared for. And it is these new opportunities that can make the difference between a corporate brand and a conservative company. Which screens are used for the video material? Where is the Audiologo used? Where does the animation of elements make sense, where would it be just gimmicking? Which spokesperson type is ideal for the corporate image?

The Lünstroth consultants provide answers to these questions and thus secure the company’s lead in the multisensory sector.

Workshop Trademarks

Workshop Trademarks

Trademark and competition law

Again and again, in the commercial practice or in the development of product names, there are collisions with registered trademarks, either from competitors or other suppliers in remote areas who want to protect their brands.

The costs of these legal disputes can be high and the risk of mark collisions increases greatly due to the use of all channels. The Lünstroth consultants therefore point to the dangers of easy product naming, but also of anti-competitive advertising and communication in the online and offline area.

Brand System Workshop

Workshop Brand Architecture

Brand architecture

This workshop explains the use of complex brand architectures. The understanding of brand architecture is particularly important as a result of acquisitions and joint venture constellations.

The employees develop an understanding of the various areas of competence and target groups.

Corporate Brand, Corporate Identity, Division Identity und Division Branding: common values versus strengths

Between House of Brands und Branded House: Why is the brand architecture of the company as built as it is?

When and at which point or with which advertising media, which content is communicated with which corporate design elements?

Brand System Workshop

Workshop Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 and the importance for advertising and communication

The upheaval of the industrial landscape and the resulting transformation processes are not confined to production. The upheaval in marketing, advertising and communication has only started much earlier and he is picking up speed.

How can collected data be comprehensibly summarized and used? What software solutions are offered and how does the employee handle them efficiently? How does it secure the lead over the competitor?

The Lünstroth consultants show best practice examples and develop precise strategies for the rapid implementation of new solutions.

Brand System Workshop

Workshop Networking

Networking for Corporate Brands

Many employees consider networking platforms such as Xing and LinkedIn as a private thing, which in the best case can also serve as a career portal. This is a challenge for companies because the same platforms are also ideal for representing their own company in the sense of employer branding.

The workshop will show how employees and companies effectively use these portals to strengthen corporate branding, thus developing a pull-in for recruiting.

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