Private Label Optimization

Treating a private Label as "real" Brand

If a private label looks like a private label, it has already lost in many cases. It will always have to keep a large price gap to the brand in order to maintain or even expand market share.

This is annoying for the contribution margins. This is tolerable in an early test phase for product acceptance. But if the private label is to be profitable in the long run, an optimization must be forthcoming.

Starting position

This is the logo of a private label for safety shoes and workwear. You can certainly speculate about the association content.

Fact is: it does not work to the satisfaction of the brand owner.

The brand agency analyzes the market situation and proposes a goal-oriented optimization.

Strategic approach

We recommend an optimization of the own brand in the direction of a “genuine” brand, at least as far as the quality of the corporate design and the brand identity is concerned.

The costs for this basic optimization are justifiable as long as the private label does not have to finance any communication expenses such as media donations, PR measures and events.

Design Analysis

As our analysis shows, the word mark “Albatros” is enforced and known. That’s why it’s set.

In addition to the word mark, the logo contains the globe in graphic form. However, this association is misleading; she refers more to travel clothes and – above all – is generic.

Our idea is to replace the globe with something more typical of a brand.
We therefore examine the possibilities offered by the word mark Albatros.

These are the typical, very long wings that make up the brand-defining Albatross. This is the dominant design element.

Creative implementation


The development of the logo and the assignment of the colors now follow the classic laws of branding: concise, reduced elements that guarantee functionality in the conceivable combinations.


The slogan expresses the positioning: the core benefits that professional and safety clothing must offer: functionality

Corporate Design Framing

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