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Fine Websites for Lawyers and Doctors

The days when lawyers and doctors only needed a business card are gone. A meaningful marketing does not lead to a higher utilization, but above all to a better utilization.

In addition to the question of whether one has clients or patients, the real question is: Which patients and clients do they want to have?

And that is the reason why lawyers and doctors come to a brand agency: Only a targeted approach of the desired clientele leads to a shift of the client and patient segments in the desired direction.

Therefore, we first talk about the goals. Depending on whether it is about a law firm or a doctor’s office, these are either the specialties of the doctors and lawyers and the desired goals.

In contrast to purely business-oriented companies, the “desired customers” often do not correspond to economic requirements, but to the interests and partly altruistic ideals of the law firms and medical offices.

Concept & Strategy

Due to legal restrictions and cost considerations, social media channels and the website are the only means of communication whose optimization makes sense.

Therefore, we focus on these channels, optimizing the findability and the activities on the web to the target clients and patients, and placing them in the relevant multiplier websites.


Here is an example of a law firm for which the brand agency optimized the corporate design and designed the website.

Search engine optimization is tailored to the specialist areas of lawyers and their target area.

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