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Brand DNA, Purpose, Mission 100%

We develop strategic solutions for the brand, enforce the understanding of brands and their functionality and the comprehension of corporate brands.

Lünstroth consultants prepare brand philosophies and complex positionings in different markets. These positionings are more effective when they’re  carried from inside to outside. Therefore, Lünstroth also trains the employees of the company and strengthens their role as brand ambassadors.

It is important to reconcile brand and company personality when companies merge or through M&A.
Lünstroth, together with management, develops results-oriented implementation solutions for the new brand philosophy in workshops.

Brand System
Brand System | Brand Architecure 100%

As a result of acquisitions, branded families can get a little bit confusing: duplicates arise, endorsed brandings could be misunderstood and in some cases acquired companies can not be clearly assigned to markets and target groups.

In acquired companies, the situation often is diffuse- competitors from partial markets suddenly have become business partners.

Lünstroth knows these challenges from many years of experience in different national and international markets and industries. To focus on common elements of the corporate design is too narrowly considered. Before these visible connecting (or segregating) assets can be developed, the strategic direction, ie the objective of the positioning of the individual companies and their target segments in the market, should be coordinated. Lünstroth develops the options and a decision matrix with which all parties involved in the optimization process can make a decision for a future brand architecture.

Public Image
Brand Identity | Corporate Design 100%

In developments of brand identity solutions, Lünstroth is not limited to the visual components, but also elaborates the substantive principles of a strong and credible performance.

This can include the development of a comprehensive Corporate Conduct with international validity, as well as the laying down of a corporate philosophy.

A comprehensible and consistent company philosophy is not only crucial for the public image, but also facilitates employer branding and recruitment. A company that is already motivating by its identity will rarely be actively looking for employees. Its attractiveness is already strong enough out of the brand myth.

Communication online & offline 100%

Lünstroth is also an advertising agency. However, it is more holistically oriented than other advertising agencies that specialize in the implementation in production-related areas. Lünstroth operates as an advertising agency rather to the guideline of “everything from one source.” 

As an advertising agency and facing the different and rapidly changing areas of production and execution we always have to decide: What should be made inhouse and what is better outsourced in the hands of field specialists?

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