Webdesign as part of a holistic corporate branding

Webdesign is the most seen visual identity of a company for new potential customers or prospects. Therefore Luenstroth uses webdesign as sample platform for the entire corporate branding.

Website for a law firm

Websites for law firms and medical offices The days when lawyers and doctors only needed a business card are gone. A meaningful marketing does not lead to a higher utilization,…

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Webdesign for IT-Consultants

Website-Developments: IT-Consultants The brand agency is developing a website relaunch for DDS Consulting. The consulting firm has particular strengths in the project management area, but also in software development and…

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Design: Brand, Corporate, Package, Web

Design Design: Brand, Corporate, Package, Web, Video Lünstroth develops design solutions as a functional component: the design has to tell the story. The fact that it has to look good…

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