Is a brand agency an advertising agency?

In case of Luenstroth: Yes. We don’t reduce to design and style but are taking care for reaching the right brand driven convictions of target groups.


Creativity We are all creative in one way or another. But our job is not just to be creative. We also have to achieve something with this creativity.That's why, over…

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The customers journey is our travel. We follow customers on their way through day and night. It does not matter if the customer is an end user or buyer in…

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People and Teams Founder and CEO Peter Lünstroth M.A. is responsible for Strategy and Consulting. He started his career at the Sender Freies Berlin and then worked as a…

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Thank you! Albatros Albatros is a private label of an international wholesaler in Germany. The company sells safety shoes and beside branded ranges like Puma they need a private label…

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