Best Practise: Case Studies of Luenstroth Brand Agency

Case studies show the backgrounds and goals of Luenstroth Brand Agency’s work.

Package Design: FMCG

Fast mobing consumer goods: In FMCG Sectors the branding agency has a long tradition and even more experience - from trademark development to package design and advertising.

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Private Label: optimized

Private labels should not look like private labels. Instead Lünstroth takes private labes as serious as "real" brands and shows the way to increase turnover by worth.

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Employer Branding: HR-Spot

Yes, Lünstroth does not only conceptional work but also executes productions like videos or campaigns. Here is an example of HR-support in the area of employer branding.

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Brand Building Premier League

What's the Premier League in UK is the Bundesliga in Germany. The branding agency develops a new branding and identity concept for soccer club Arminia Bielefeld.

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Corporate Identity: Change

If a company suddenly is leaving a bigger enterprise, it should find its own strength in marketing and positioning areas. The Lünstroth Branding Agency supports former Oracle Company Anker in Bielefeld.

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