Best Practise: Case Studies of Luenstroth Brand Agency

Case studies show the backgrounds and goals of Luenstroth Brand Agency’s work.

Advertising: Adaption work

International Advertising Adaption Sometimes we just adapt. For the international market leader in flooring segment linoleum, Swiss brand Forbo, we adapt the international advertising campaign, literature and promotions for the…

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Package Design: FMCG

Food: Branding and Package Design Since its inception, the agency has had a strong relationship with the food retailing industry - founders and creative directors have been working for brand…

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Integration of a bank brand

Integration of a bank brand The goal For the Volksbank PHD, the brand agency is developing the integration solution for the acquired business of another bank, the Bankverein Werther.The customer…

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Brand Building Fashion: Eva Mann

PositioningContemporary: premium entry-level segmentBlouses in good quality, but with a fashionable avant-garde statement.LogoWebsiteFairLookbook 2nd Season Website Lookbook Advertising some more samples

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Website for a law firm

Websites for law firms and medical offices The days when lawyers and doctors only needed a business card are gone. A meaningful marketing does not lead to a higher utilization,…

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Private Label: optimized

Private Label: optimized If a private label looks like a private label, it has already lost in many cases. It will always have to keep a large price gap to…

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Webdesign for IT-Consultants

Website-Developments: IT-Consultants The brand agency is developing a website relaunch for DDS Consulting. The consulting firm has particular strengths in the project management area, but also in software development and…

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Employer Branding: HR-Spot

Employer Branding: Video Apsolut is a consulting firm for SAP. It's already known as well established employer brand and is ranking under the Top 5.But the market of IT-consultants is…

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Brand Building:

Bundesliga: Building a Club Brand Background Soccer Clubs have four sources of income: TV-Money Ticketing Merchandizing Sponsoring Source of money out of ticketing and merchandizing are so called fans, admiring…

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Corporate Identity: Change

All of a sudden alone: new positioning Exactly 100 years, from 1876 to 1976, Anker was a strong, independent brand in the field of POS systems. After the bankruptcy, the…

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