How we see Corporate Branding.

Corporate Branding is – in opposite to narrow positionings of product brands – a complex task for agencies. It is to complex for design studios, because content and brand values play a crucial role within the branding process.

Luenstroth Brand Agency is prepared: Not only designers are involved in the process but also humanties scholars.

Private Label: optimized

Private labels should not look like private labels. Instead Lünstroth takes private labes as serious as "real" brands and shows the way to increase turnover by worth.

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Brand Building Premier League

What's the Premier League in UK is the Bundesliga in Germany. The branding agency develops a new branding and identity concept for soccer club Arminia Bielefeld.

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Purpose Branding: Brand Philosophy

Purpose Branding: The ethical base of an enterprise is a strong motivational asset but it's also serving as guarding principle of daily decisions. Lünstroth develops those motivational corporate philosophies.

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Also a Brand Consultancy

Lünstroth is also an advising branding agency. Looking at insights and calculating possibilites and risks the agency uses to give best advise for best brands.

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