Sales Support

As a holistic-oriented agency, Lünstroth is responsible for involving sales agents in marketing and sales processes. At least in classical multi-stage trading, sales agents are the decisive switching points when it comes to bringing services or products to the POS. And these sales agents are currently still people who act and react emotionally.
Lünstroth provides the distribution with the material and assets, which facilitate the sale of new products, generate new leads and clarify the advantages of the products and services for trade and users. These can be 3D visualizations of complex technology, explanatory videos or even individualizable PowerPoint presentations or microsites.

Sales: Content is king.

The agency supports clients with marketing automation and thus creates the bridge between marketing and sales. (Support for Eloqua, Hubspot, Manticore, etc.)

It develops the creative content to communicate with potential customers and to maintain a lasting interaction with existing customers.

All sales support measures follow the strategically defined goals and, in addition to their sales efficiency, also pay attention to the overarching goals of the company’s brand or its sub-targets.


As a rule, the primary goal of sales support is to maximize the lead number. In the BtoB area, content is of primary importance. Therefore, the agency creates Whitepaper and manages the company or department blog with prepared content. The success can be directly measured by the marketing automation software; also the lead quality becomes ascertainable.

Automatic Lead Generators

The online marketing automation can also be meaningfully linked to existing CRM systems. Thus duplicates are avoided and marketing measures can be linked automatically with respective target persons. A requirement is a close interlinking of sales and marketing; The Agency contributes to better coordination through workshops.

Marketing and sales are increasingly growing together; as third in the league the IT joins the team. In this constellation, the agency assumes a role as a moderator and permanent content generator.

The system initially requires a higher degree of strategic planning and interdepartmental thinking, but in the medium and long term initiates self-reinforcing processes that can quickly make it the company’s primary lead generator.

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